7 Things to Keep in Mind During Your Search for Senior Care 

If you are visiting the Northfield Retirement Communities website, chances are you may be looking for care for either yourself or an older family member. Choosing a community that focuses on compassion, care and life quality for seniors, like Northfield Retirement Communities, is a wonderful place to start. Of course, there are other things you will need to consider to make the right choice. Including these aspects of choosing a nursing home or other senior care for seniors.  


Medicaid, Medicare and Long-Term Care

When you think about paying for long-term care, you may think that having Medicaid or Medicare will cover all care costs. Unfortunately, this isn’t typically the case for most seniors. If you or a family member needs nursing home care, for example, only a portion of care may be covered by their Medicaid benefits. Coverage from Medicare is even more limited.


Alternative Ways to Pay for Senior Care

If Medicare or Medicaid won’t cover nursing home or assisted living costs, what options do you have? Luckily, you do indeed have several ways to pay for care outside of these federal programs. Long-term care insurance is one of the best options, but this is only if you plan ahead for long-term care costs or if you have an existing life insurance policy.


Real Estate and Long-Term Care Costs

There are also a few ways you can leverage a home to pay for senior care costs. If your loved one is moving to a nursing home or assisted living, selling the home may make the most sense. You can get an idea of how much can be made from the home sale by using online calculators, but remember to factor in agent fees and any mortgage balance. If you are unprepared to part with the home, you could also consider a reverse mortgage so long as you do your homework.


Nursing Home vs. Assisted Living

Figuring out the type and level of care needed can also help you manage related costs. Assisted living is meant to provide help to seniors in terms of activities of daily living, like getting dressed and preparing healthy meals. A skilled nursing home can provide more care for chronic health conditions. Memory care is another option, so weigh each choice carefully.


Independent Living Options

If you are mostly worried about loneliness but know that your senior family member can still care for themselves, you may want to look into independent living instead. Independent senior living can include retirement communities, and some may offer assisted living options. The difference is that most are set up to preserve senior independence while providing social interaction.


Downsizing Considerations

No matter what sort of community is right for you or your senior, downsizing and decluttering may be necessary. The process of decluttering can be particularly emotional for seniors, especially if they have lived in the same home for decades. If you are a family member helping a senior downsize, try to keep this in mind and provide the compassion and support they need.


Feelings of Denial and Guilt

Finally, be aware of the emotions that can come with helping a senior loved one transition into a nursing home, assisted living facility or senior living community. Many seniors may be in denial about what’s best for their health and safety, so be prepared to handle this with care and compassion. You may even need to take legal action if your loved one is in danger. You may also experience feelings of guilt, but know that these feelings should pass with time.

Seniors deserve dignity and compassion, and they should have each of these when it comes to a nursing home, assisted living facility or any other sort of care. Keep your search focused on these qualities and look for an option that will ensure the best quality of life. Also try to look for ways to alleviate any stress or emotional strain that may come up during the search.


Northfield Retirement Communities offers trustworthy and professional rehabilitation, independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and specialty services for seniors. Call 308.632.4342 for more information.

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