If you have elderly loved ones who live in another state—or even another country—you may be worried about their wellbeing. Even if they’re safely living in an assisted living or retirement community, not having family nearby can be tough. Luckily, there are resources that can help. Here are some tools to help ensure their health and happiness.

Make Sure Their Home is Senior-Friendly

Knowing your loved one is safe and secure is important. 


Use Technology to Help With Everyday Challenges

These tech tools can make life easier for the elderly. 


Use Third-Party Providers for Additional Support Services

Daily activities may be challenging for elderly persons. These services can help. 


Embrace Innovative Ways to Keep In Contact

Even if seniors are in a care facility, they surely miss their loved ones. Try these tips to maintain contact. 


It can be frustrating to be far away from a senior loved one. If they’re struggling with everyday tasks, it may be time to to research Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing.


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